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Ruckus switch unreachable/disconnected after power outage

New Contributor II

New Contributor II
Hello, im having this issue now because of power outage lastnight. All my APs are working properly but my icx switch says not connect. Im connected to my ruckus network but some apps wont open and slow downloads. See pics and advise. Thanks.

Refresh and pinged with no luck. Image_ images_messages_5f91c44f135b77e247a16f79_cc1c8d8950aa8b3bd89e13bb291f98cc_RackMultipart2020090418270b2d1-a07e0cea-7a25-4eba-baa2-663be10d45bb-1741311833.png1599244206

Are you physically able to unplug the power in order to power cycle the unit?

I just did that and just waiting for it to be discoverable in my available networks.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for starting the new thread!

I would suggest below steps to find if switch is still working or not.
  1. Start with power cycle.
  2. Connect a laptop to one of the Ethernet ports and see if port lit up and you get an IP.
  3. If you get an IP, try to ping the switch's management IP. If ping is successful  then try to SSH or telnet into it.
  4. In non of the above works then you need a console cable and check if you can access the switch.
  5. If switch is functional and just not showing online in Unleashed then it is worth checking if LLDP is enabled on switch and SW can see the APs in LLDP neighbors command output.
show lldp neighbors

       6. Also run below command on Unleashed master AP.

ruckus(ap-mode)#get lldp neighbors

       7. If step-5 and 6 looks fine then check if SW is in approved state in Unleashed.
       8. If none of the above fix the issue then you may have to delete the switch from Unleashed, factory reset it and reconfigure it to connect with Unleashed.

Feel free to open a support case if you are unable to fix this by your own.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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