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Ruckus endpoints not receiving signal

New Contributor

Hi , This is Pramod Kusuma, owner of lennar home. I have restarted my ruckus device few times and no signal coming to my end points. Last summer Team replaced my device and unfortunately running into same issue again. 

Looking for speedy assistance with this issue.

My Address:

18355 Greenstone Way, Lakeville, MN 55044





No password has been assigned yet...
SSH@ICX7150-C12-Switch#show version
Copyright (c) Ruckus Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
UNIT 1: compiled on Jan 5 2021 at 21:06:08 labeled as SPS08090j
(29360128 bytes) from Primary SPS08090j.bin (UFI)
SW: Version 08.0.90jT211
Compressed Primary Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.18T225 (mnz10118)
Compiled on Mon Jul 13 08:53:29 2020

HW: Stackable ICX7150-C12-POE
UNIT 1: SL 1: ICX7150-C12-2X10GR POE 12-port Management Module
Serial #:FEK3839R08Y
Software Package: BASE_SOFT_PACKAGE
Current License: 2X10GR
P-ASIC 0: type B160, rev 11 Chip BCM56160_B0
UNIT 1: SL 2: ICX7150-2X1GC 2-port 2G Module
UNIT 1: SL 3: ICX7150-2X10GF 2-port 20G Module
1000 MHz ARM processor ARMv7 88 MHz bus
8192 KB boot flash memory
2048 MB code flash memory
1024 MB DRAM
STACKID 1 system uptime is 15 minute(s) 16 second(s)
The system started at 00:02:06 GMT+00 Sat Jan 01 2000

The system : started=cold start

SSH@ICX7150-C12-Switch#show flash
Stack unit 1:
NAND Type: Micron NAND 2GiB (x 1)
Compressed Pri Code size = 29360128, Version:08.0.90jT211 (SPS08090j.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 33554432, Version:08.0.90jT213 (SPR08090j.bin)
Compressed Pri Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.18T225 (mnz10118)
Compressed Sec Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.18T225 (mnz10118)
Code Flash Free Space = 1130897408

Hi  @pramodkusuma 

Thank you for the response and the information you shared.

I see your Switch is on a latest stable version and seems to be normal. I would suggest unplug and plug the Access Point ethernet cables from the Switch then check if it comes online. Usually takes some time to come online.

If that doesn’t work, we may need to factory reset the APs. Please follow the below process to factory reset your APs to configure them with a new SSID.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To perform a factory reset correctly on one of the access points, you must disconnect the rest of your other access points from the "ICX-7150-switch". For example, if you have 3 access points, you should go to the switch and disconnect 2 of the cables to turn off the "2 access points" and only leave 1 connected with which we are going to work the factory reset once you configure the access point and make sure all is good, go ahead and reconnect the other Access Points back.

Physical Factory Reset of RUCKUS Access Point:

Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using Web:

Password recovery setup:

Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

Thank you again for your patience.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.