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Ruckus and onward internet

New Contributor

I live in a Lennar home, and we recently switched our Internet to onward fiber. Since switching, I am having issues with the ruckus a P extenders. It seems that it doesn’t like to play well with the new router. Any suggestions?


I checked the Ethernet cables and they appear to be good. The cable from the modem to the router is a yellow CAT 5 Ethernet cord, the cord from the router to the Ruckus system is black and labeled as ansi/tia-568-c.2 does that black cord support speeds over 100? 

Hi @Amack2199 

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 ( focuses on components of balanced twisted-pair ) It is a category of ethernet cables but it does not indicate which category of that CAT cable you have.

What you can do is to connect an Ethernet cable, plug it into the Ruckus switch and check the speed between ICX 7150 -C12 P and PC or any device 

The best thing would be to check both ends of the Access Points since if something the cables  are not well connected in the plastic piece , this will affect the transmission speed.

You could also check on the Ruckus Switch if the port LEDs are amber or green in case the switch detects a problem.

ICX-7150-C12P-front 1.jpg

Best Regards 

Fernando vasquez 

I meant to check on the switch that the port is actually negotiating a gigabit speed. Colour means absolutely nothing. 

Hi @Squozen 

If there is any error ( speed or physical )  on the port  that goes to an end device the Switch can detected and put that link in to steady amber 


Possible causes of errors that you should check and attempt to fix include:
  • External factors (such as faulty or loose cables, bad optics, and environmental electromagnetic factors).
  • Configuration issues (such as mismatch in duplex settings).

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

All of my AP lights are solid green but it doesn’t appear that there are extending the coverage. I can get speeds of 5-600 mb now when I’m standing right next to the router but when i walk and stand under the AP the speeds drop to the 90’s again. Could this be a router issue?