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Ruckus and onward internet

New Contributor

I live in a Lennar home, and we recently switched our Internet to onward fiber. Since switching, I am having issues with the ruckus a P extenders. It seems that it doesn’t like to play well with the new router. Any suggestions?



Hi  @Amack2199



Can you describe in more detail the problem, because by default what the access points require from the new router is to pass the traffic to the Internet, also that the new router will be the device in charge of providing the IP addresses for all the devices connected to your wireless or wired network?


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández.

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

So when i switched to fiber and connected my new internet to the AP I’m only getting speeds of up to 100 mb. Without the ruckus, my speeds are upwards of 600 mb.

Check that the ethernet cable is actually negotiating to a gigabit. Sounds like it's at 100Mbps.

Hi @Amack2199 

As @Squozen  said please verify that the Ethernet cable is good. Many times it is damaged at one of the ends and that is why you do not get the desired speed.

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Fernando Vasquez