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Ruckus Unleashed app doesn't fully function

New Contributor

I have moved into a previously owned home that has a ruckus ICX7150 router and 2 APs. This is my first time using these devices. I have been trying to set them up. I factory reset the master AP and am now trying to activate it using the Unleashed app. The app shows two APs active but the router switch shows "pending" and "no connected devices". When trying to access the switch I'm prompted to enter a username and password. I've tried every combination found at ( and when entered the the app simply loads me back to the previous page with no response whether the user and password were correct or incorrect. I'm unsure what to do now as far as activating the switch to provide internet to the APs goes. 



Hi @dreflorida 

Well, the ICX7150 is not a router is a Swith, its function is to be the device that allows you to connect multiple wired devices from your ISP router and provide PoE (power over Ethernet) to your devices such as doorbells, cameras, even Access Points, now if you have completed the configuration of the Unleashed network you should have internet connection to the network you have created if not, it is because the Switch may not be connected to your ISP router which is responsible for providing internet to the Switch and Access Points Unleashed, please review the following guide on how the connections should go, and finally the option to see the switch ICX7150 as your connected devices from the APP unleashed or from the Dashboard is mostly for monitoring, let me add the guide to associate it, now with the password that you could during this process try with the same password that you use for the APP or the Unleashed Dashboard, if it doesn't work you must log in to the Switch to see what user and password is created; however, for this you need to log in remotely, either by SSH or Telnet or by console, I will also give you a guide on how to login and what commands to run so that we can see the configuration and help you.



Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

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ICX Switch Management Overview

Approving a New Switch to Join Unleashed

How to console in the ICX-7150-12CP 'Ruckus Switch'

RUCKUS ICX 7150 USB TYPE C CONSOLE (tutorial video)

How to Access an ICX Switch remotely via SSH or Telnet, using a Windows computer


Command to share ones you gain access to the switch in case the password still no working:

enable password-display

show run

show log




Hope you are doing great!

1-Are you seeing in the unleashed app the Ruckus switch ICX-7150-C12 as Router o Switch ? 

best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez