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Ruckus R650 Underpowered

New Contributor

Hello - I just connected and configured a new Ruckus R650 unleashed at home. First I used a TRENDnet TPE-215GI POE injector which supports POE+ 30W and the Ruckus is saying it's underpowered. I swapped it to a POE+ port on my Ubiquiti Dream Machine SE Pro and it is still saying underpowered. They both push 30W so I am confused. What adapter should I order to get the Ruckus at the correct power? Thank you



Hi @RedlineDynoP90D 

The basic need with R650 would be Power over Ethernet (802.3af/at) with Category 5/5e/6 cable . The Ruckus accessory with this comes as PoE Injector (60W), Power Supply (48V, 0.75A, 36W). Also from this AP can you please share output of "get power-mode".

You can check below in case you want to order the additional accessories from us (Power adapter etc) :

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Valued Contributor II

If you are confident your third party POE injector or POE+ switch is capable of delivering the minimum power requirements of your AP, you can and should manually override the power mode to 802.3at. Ruckus appears to require something special from their injectors OR require the industry standard LLDP active power negotiation which Ubiquiti doesn't support.