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Ruckus AP's dropping connection

New Contributor

I have 2 Ruckus Indoor AP's.  When devices are connected to either, the connection to the modem drops.  I unplugged just one to see if it was an isolated, issue w/ the unit downstairs, but that didn’t change the connection issue.  They are both plugged into a Ruckus ICX 7150.  Anything that is hardwired into the 7150 stays online.  I moved both AP’s to different ports on the 7150 and the problem persists.  IF I try to ping the IP address of either of the units, the connection drops.  The system was setup by Amazon Smart Home services, and I do not have access to the 7150.  Other than doing a factory reset on the the WiFi devices, anyone have any suggestions?


New Contributor II

I have Lennar homes also. Try to unplug all the other devices and leave only the APs and the router/modem. Do the APs also fail ? 

What is the AP firmware level ? Mine was 200.7 and i returned to 200.6 due to speed issues. 

I had a similar issue when i installed a Router Firmware into the ICX instead a Switch Firmware. Lennar/Amazon homes use the ICX as switch and not as a router. That is why you need to have a router between internet provider and the Ruckus IcX. So i installed the Switch version firmware in the ICX and it is working properly now.  

I ended up calling Ruckus IT support.  Seems a reboot at some point caused the ICX to boot into the backup configuration which was 'Router' vs 'Switch'.  They ran a restart from a telent session and it booted back into 'Switch'.  To prevent this in the future they copied the primary configuration into the secondary, so any power issues going forward, it will boot to the right configuration.

Wow ! So i did it correctly on mine. I installed the switch firmware at the Primary and then i copied to the secondary. Thanks for the heads up. By the way we have lifetime warranty at the Ruckus devices. Just call them. 

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It's a good example how outsourcing  infrastructure to company not doing a good job, makes problems difficult to fix...