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Ruckus AP are blinking a slow green light and will not link back up with my Cox cable router.

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My internet link kept getting interrupted and usually I call Cox and reset the router and it fixes the problem.  Well last Thursday that was not the case. I did a hard reset for my Cox cable router and once it was back online the Ruckus wifi disappeared off all of my electronics.  I tried unplugging the Ruckus box in my communications hub in the home and this did not work.  At this point it appears that these boxes are useless.  How do I get the AP to reconnect to the router?



Hi @KevnLinB



The PWR LED Flashing Green slowly means that the Access Points are not getting an IP address from your Cox cable router, factory resetting the COX box is not the best troubleshooting step, you may delete all the DHCP configurations, and we depend on that device, please get in contact with COX to configure the device again, let me add more detail to understand the LED lights of your Access points.




R510 LED lights



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Yarenis Hernández.

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired | Lennar Home Community

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