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Ruckus AP Power line blinking and other lights are off

New Contributor

We have ruckus AP on every level in our townhome and the power light is blinking. None of the other lights including 5G and 2.4G are on. Can someone please help with this issue



Please find the status of the LED after changing the Ethernet.



Hi @Deepika 


The Amber LED on 5 GHz means there is no client associated/connected to the 5GHz radio which means the radio signal is on, but you have no devices connected (phone, computer so ion).







To solve this issue please check the connection between the ISP router to the Ruckus ICX7150 Switch, because if this connection it's not working you will never get internet connection, just the AP will be powering up, because the Switch will provide power only. The yellow ports must be connected to your AP and your ISP router.


Also please share the image of the switch showing the cable connections.





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Lennar Home Community

Though the devices are connected to both 2.4 and 5G, the light shows amber color.

below are the images of the switch




Hi @Deepika 


Thanks for your update


Please try the following troubleshooting steps.


1. Hard reset the AP using a paper clip to factor default it. Press and hold the FD pinhole for 40 secs.

2. Create a Test SSID

3. Try to connect any client to the SSID.

Note: In case the client doesn't connect to 5GHz, then for testing, disable 2.4 GHz radio on the AP and try to connect to the AP on 5GHz to verify if the client is getting associated and the LED turns Green.


Please try the above mentioned steps to see whether the lights turn green or not.


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Lennar Home Community


I tried connecting to one of the older SSID and I see green in 5G

How can I change or create a new SSID for 5G and 2.4G