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R510s through ICX7150-12p Not getting 1Gbps

New Contributor

Hey all I'm a frequent lurker but have not posted before here. I've got the Lennar at home setup with 3 R510s and an ICX7150. Currently I've got the APs connected to the switch in ports 2,4, and 6. Port 1 is my ISP which shows it at 1G-Full configured speed auto (I have fiber). My APs however are set to auto as well but are setting themselves to only 100-full. I've tried switching ports and manually setting the configured speed mode to 1G-Full-Master (this and slave are the only options for 1G). This caused the APs to drop connection and I had to go back in and reset it to auto.

I'm running the latest firmware on the APs and SPS08095d on the switch. Lines to the APs are Cat 6a.

Any thoughts at what could be causing this? 


Just a guess of course, but it may be the terminations of that Cat6. Personally, I'd get a pro out there to do line tests and see what they suggest. First, submit a ticket to the Lennar portal and see what they say. There may be a longer warranty on the wiring than what you realize. Who knows, the contractor they used may have a 5, 10 or lifetime warranty on that Ethernet.

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"I'm crossing my fingers that power outages didn't kill some ports."

Also, get a UPS on that equipment. You don't have to go too expensive, just something that will keep it alive 10-30 min to give you time to shut everything down on your own, or at least keep it from being subject to rapid power flapping.

Yeah your on the money. I just sent a message to Lennar to ask about the contractor. Until then I have a Klein tester, a through hole crimper and some connectors coming in the mail. I'll atleast be able to test the lines for more of a "fight". I have no problem buying testers or crimping but if all the line has to be pulled I want to check with the contractor before shelling out for new cat6a.