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R510 AP wrong address

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Recently moved into a Lennar home with the Ruckus switch and two r510 ap's. I was attempting to change the AP's to have to provide out. Initially both AP's were I also have Spectrum AP where its set also to The issue is I'm not able to change the the AP's IP. I've done the following - Changing to the .2.0 AP though I'm getting a 1.0 ip. I change to a 2.0 in order to access the AP which originally was I assigned it to When I manually change my pc's IP to and ssh into the AP's 2.233. I do a get ipaddr wan and see the static vlan1 show as . I then do a set ipaddr wan vlan1 . It reboots but never changes .


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What are you trying to do?

From what I understand, you have one of the ISP provided modem/combo router right from Spectrum and you hooked it up to the Ruckus ICX switch and have the Ruckus R510 APs in a Lennar Home.

You can have the spectrum modem/combo/router  to continue handing the routing, but with Wifi turned off and let the Ruckus R510 APs handle the wifi portion.  Your spectrum Router will be the DHCP server and hand out all the IPs to your wifi clients though Ruckus APs. There is no reason the change the IPs of your Ruckus APs and have it hand out a different subnet than your spectrum combo router since the spectrum router doesn't handle different VLANs. 

Make sure you did the typical setup for the Ruckus APs and not use them in gateway mode.  The Ruckus APs will just be APs and no routing is involved while the Spectrum modem/combo router will handle the routing and DHCP address assignments with wifi turned off on the combo routing. 

The plan was since I had both Spectrum wireless router and the Ruckus AP's was to designated the Spectrum as my IOT hand out and the Ruckus as my main ie laptop's desktops access etc. Since the switch looked like is was handing out IP's to the two AP's. both Ruckus and Spectrum were which will work but is very sloppy management wise. So I was attempting to change the IP's of both routers to have Ruckus on a 2.0 subnet and spectrum handing out 1.0 network. 

At this point I'd like to put everything back to what it was as I can now only access the one AP via ssh to the IP and it won't accept being put back on dhcp. My thought now is that the switch is Layer 2 and only providing POE. 

I was able to put everything back - Had an old wireless router that was configured to network. I plugged the ICX Switch in - everything grabbed the 2.0 IP. went to the AP that was on the 2.0 edited in and changed it from Keep AP Setting to DHCP- Plugged everything back - Now All AP's and Switch are talking as normal. Need to learn more on these devices before I play again.