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Turn power off on Unleased APP (DUMB!) and did a power cycle and now I can't get internet connected

New Contributor

I was attempting to troubleshoot an issue with one of my smart home features (Honeywell Thermostate) and turned the power off within the unleased app (iOS).  Immediately following that no matter what I did (and still do) I get the message

"You are not connected to the Unleased network, go to settings (ie go to iOS settings)".  There is nothing in my settings that I'm aware that I need to change

Then I did a hard power down VIA the instructions provided here on Amazon's Lennar smart home support.  My two APs have power (solid green), my lower level AP has CTL in solid green (no upstairs AP does not have a CTL light at all going, just black - this is very close to the switch).  I've checked all the Cat5 cables, there are lights on them on the switch.  

I'm going mad and don't know what to do.  Help!

Image_ images_messages_60d5002f1b31ce166cbe21a1_4a74b3fb895e2412a553aae78700dbe2_Ruckus-751e2de3-a151-454f-af5d-a63f76626c4f-422455900.jpg