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R510 AP wrong address

New Contributor II

Recently moved into a Lennar home with the Ruckus switch and two r510 ap's. I was attempting to change the AP's to have to provide out. Initially both AP's were I also have Spectrum AP where its set also to The issue is I'm not able to change the the AP's IP. I've done the following - Changing to the .2.0 AP though I'm getting a 1.0 ip. I change to a 2.0 in order to access the AP which originally was I assigned it to When I manually change my pc's IP to and ssh into the AP's 2.233. I do a get ipaddr wan and see the static vlan1 show as . I then do a set ipaddr wan vlan1 . It reboots but never changes .


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Tim,

Is it the master AP on which you are trying to change IP? If yes, please do it from GUI.

And what is the Unleashed version? If it is not on 200.10, then it will not support VLAN tagging.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

The one I changed through the GUI initially was not the Master AP. The version is 200.9 - I see the option to upgrade both 200.10 .  Will this allow me to re-configure the IP on the 2nd AP?

Hi Tim,

I have never tested but it is advised to change the master AP config from GUI and for member APs you can use GUI or CLI.

Starting from 200.10, you can use management VLAN for master and member APs, to keep the client traffic separate from AP management.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

Image_ images_messages_60c92f6a22f33063d33be60a_40ce7916d31d182ae2064d50b033cb1f_C9E0B7BFCF864EE89D654365366972-680d4898-7617-46e4-acbd-712f51f2c5b9-1149943998.png

This is the AP Where I used to be able to change the IP

On this screen below - If I change to the network will it give me access again to both AP’s

Image_ images_messages_60c92f6a22f33063d33be60a_6a95eed3e070e4313c9b4a82e48a7c3c_75B7A2BD5B3B4CC6847D9ED027C9E2-2f9f5631-b26a-488a-9a46-9d3e38be5792-1853100631.jpeg

Lastly this is what I see in the unleashed.ruckus site. Since I changed the IP It shows disconnected. Is there a way to unplug the POE so it can revert to the network similar to a factory reset? 

Image_ images_messages_60c92f6a22f33063d33be60a_40a7176c889f7408bc138d674b78ac35_46760A6A49FD4ED694CA473EAAA693-f6bdcefa-767c-458b-886f-c3028b705363-880237209.png