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New Lennar home - initial set up and connections for ICX 7150 switch and 2 R510 AP's

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We are in a new Lennar "smart home".  Media panel has an ICX 7150 C12P switch, and there are two R510 AP's installed - one upstairs, one downstairs.  However, all the cables are hanging loose and not connected in the media panel.  Questions:  1/ regarding the two ethernet cables coming from the R510 AP's - what ports on the switch do I plug them into?  I do not know which cable comes from the Master AP, and which comes from the slave AP if that makes a difference. Is there a way to determine which of the two R510 AP's is the Master?        2/ the ethernet cable coming from the ISP - what port on the switch do I plug that into?  Also - can I connect an ethernet cable coming directly from the modem to the 7150 switch, OR, am I required to install a router between the modem and the switch? 3/ if a router is not required, can I connect an ethernet cable from the modem to a TPLink 5 port switch, and then an ethernet cable from the TPLink 5 port switch to the ICX 7150 switch, and again, to which port?  4/ lastly - I have no idea whether the switch and AP's have had an initial set up and/or configuration - is that necessary and who would do that?  Or, will everything "just work" after powering up and connecting all the cables?  We have Comcast/Xfinity internet and will use a SurfBoard 8200 modem.  I thank you for any advice and direction as to how best to connect the various cables.  May I assume that once all is up and running that by using the "Unleashed" app I will be able to periodically update the firmware on the ICX 7150 switch and the two R520 AP's??  Thanks.   Gary in Georgia


Imran - thank you for your detailed, line by line answers to my numbered questions!  Update: I powered up my SB8200 modem and connected it to an ASUS RT-AX88U router which you explained was necessary. Next, I powered up the ICX 7150 switch and plugged the two ethernet cables from the two R510 AP's into 2 of the 12 ports. Next, I plugged the ethernet cable from the router into another of the 12 ports on the 7150 switch.  While everything was booting up and connecting, I downloaded the "Unleashed" App to my iPhone, and set up a login, etc.  I named the network and reset the AP's as you suggested, and then upgraded the AP firmware to the current 200.13.  Everything is working and I have a good number of wireless devices successfully connected to the "Home" network.  The only issue is that in the Unleashed App, the two R510 AP's show, but the 7150 switch does not - when I tap on the circle with "switch" in it, it says "no switch available".  So, how do I get the 7150 switch to show up in the Unleashed App?  Another question:  since you pointed out that a router is necessary between the modem and the 7150 switch, are the 2.4 and 5.0 router radios interfering with the two R510 AP radios?  I am assuming the two R510 AP's are broadcasting 2.4 and 5.0, and at the same time, my router is broadcasting on 2.4 and 5.0.  Should I go into the router app and turn off the two radios, assuming that does not affect the 8 ethernet ports?  Again Imran, thank you very much for your guidance so far.  Everything seems to be working fine, I just need to get the 7150 switch to show up in the Unleashed App and figure out what to do with the router radios.  Thanks!!

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