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Lennar Home - Wifi issues

New Contributor

I haver a new Lennar home and we have random power surges.  Everytime the wifi becomes intermittently non responsive, sluggish, and all smart home devices are non-responsive or extremely delayed.  I have tried, unplugging router, doing a hard reset on AP, but no success this time.  Is there documentation on how to configure the AP on the Ruckus dashboard.  Maybe I am missing something.  Any other suggestions?



@jay_lasad contact Ruckus Support - they fixed the issue within 10 min! 

@juan_acevedo did they fix it remotely?

New Contributor

I have a Nokia modem, Ruckus 7150 ICX 7150-C12P and two R-510 AP included in my Lennar SmartHome. After a power outage everything went slow. Called cable company, technician removed their Panoramic Gateway and told me that I don’t need it since I have the Ruckus 7150 ICX. My internet was working fine and 10min after he left, everything shut down so I called cable company again and another technician came by and installed their new model Gateway but disconnected my Ruckus 7150. Everything is working great now but I am paying their Gateway monthly. My question is, will my internet works if I only used the modem and my ruckus only? I am planning to return the Gateway so I don’t have to pay it monthly but I am afraid to connect the ruckus straight to modem, I might end up of having no internet again for a few days. Thanks in advance to those who will respond.