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Lennar Home - Wifi issues

New Contributor

I haver a new Lennar home and we have random power surges.  Everytime the wifi becomes intermittently non responsive, sluggish, and all smart home devices are non-responsive or extremely delayed.  I have tried, unplugging router, doing a hard reset on AP, but no success this time.  Is there documentation on how to configure the AP on the Ruckus dashboard.  Maybe I am missing something.  Any other suggestions?



New Contributor

I'm in a Sarasota Lennar home owner and I need my router moved to the closest. Amazon  came but I didn't have all my equipment. He said he can come back when I am ready. How do I get them to come back and put the router in the closet or whatever it is in the "closet"?


Hi Katherine - 

Do you have anyone you can contact at Lennar to set this up? I'm fairly sure they will have the right information for you. If not, let me know and I'll see what I can track down on our end.

Keep in mind, I'm NOT passing the buck, I'm 99% sure that's what I have seen as a requirement for that in the past. 🙂

Good luck and let me know!

We’re going home this week. No, I had no luck. When we come back in October I’ll try again. 
wht is it important to have the modem in the closet, rather than on the floor?

I honestly don't know - if you want to snap some pictures of what the set up looks like and post them here, I can give you more insight.

@kathrine_noran you have 90 days free technical support from the date you moved in. You can reached them thru Amazon website and make an appointment. With Lennar, you have 1-year home warranty that includes the automation issues.