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Lennar Home - Wifi issues

New Contributor

I haver a new Lennar home and we have random power surges.  Everytime the wifi becomes intermittently non responsive, sluggish, and all smart home devices are non-responsive or extremely delayed.  I have tried, unplugging router, doing a hard reset on AP, but no success this time.  Is there documentation on how to configure the AP on the Ruckus dashboard.  Maybe I am missing something.  Any other suggestions?



Same issue here - the funny thing is the rockus and ATT worked great for about 1 year - now all of a sudden connections drop and wifi is horrible 

event hardwire devices have connection drops

if I connect directly to the ATT router issues solver - no drop connections hardwire or over wifi

its like if they had a n internal firewall with a mind of its own


Lennar home owners & Wi-Fi issues (solved):

This is an informational posts to hopefully help those that are having Wi-Fi issues and live in a Lennar home. Symptoms include a frequent inability to connect to the internet / load webpage.

In the smart panel, there is a device (Ruckus switch) that connects your internet connection to your wireless access point (in your ceiling). I recently found that my devices could not access the Internet, even though they connected to the Wi-Fi access point.

I found the cause of the problem to be the Ruckus switch that had failed, sort of like when you ox hard drive crashes. I found this by replacing this device with another switch I got off Amazon for <$30.

Why Lennar put this device in there is unknown, as the devices go for about $$650 or more and are complicated to work with without a solid background in networking.

Hope this helps people and may help others. 

New Contributor

Hi, have this issue been solved? I also have a new Lennar house and everything was working properly until 2 days ago when I had a power outage and not everything connected through the AP is either not working meaning no internet or super sluggish connectivity. I tries rebooting all the devices including the ATT router but no luck. Any advice is much appreciated. I have the ICX 7150 and 2 x AP (541)

@jay_lasad same with me, everything went slow after the power outage. My ISP replaced the Gateway with their new model and no issues after that. Easy fix. Hope that helps.