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ICX7150 - c12p stuck in boot mode - "is not alive" when trying to ping

New Contributor II

Our home lost power after which, our ICX7150 will no longer boot.  The power light is green and the system light is steady amber.  I've attempted a reset after which all status lights blink amber while power light is steady green.  I have also tried to perform a software recovery following these instructions:

I'm stuck at the point where I test the connection via ping. The switch is not able to connect and gives an "is not alive" message when I ping the server IP.  I get the same messaging when I attempt to ping the local IP on the switch as well.  I've tried with multiple machines, network interfaces and cables with exactly the same results.  Are there any other tricks I can try?


New Contributor II

The issue is resolved. I needed to copy just the two files to upgrade folder.

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