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ICX 7150

New Contributor

can someone from the technical team please respond if I’m able to get a replacement I just spoke to someone from the support line and they said that the technical team or engineer state that it can be replaced. They will go ahead and do so they just need some documentation stating from you all the engineering team or technical support saying yes go ahead and replace it and they will send a new one out. Can someone please help me

I had a case #
01554434, opened prior to Ruckus posting on Nov 2022, that they will no longer support learn our homes. My issue wasn’t resolved.   I had not been In my house for  6 months Before my ICX 7150 model stopped working and still my issue has not been rectified. This device was in my home when I purchased by Lennar home.  I contact the Lennar homes at the time and ask them. What should I do? They referred to ruckus to get the device Replaced. How can I get My device replaced. Please helP