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ICX 7150 C12P PoE failure

New Contributor II

Sorry in advance for my minimal technical experience.

Like so many others, my Lennar new build came with the ruckus switch and the PoE has stopped working.  The switch will still work for devices that just need internet access, but if its needs power through the ethernet, it will not work.  3 devices total, the 2 WAP R510's and 1 ring doorbell will not work because they require the PoE.  My Syst light and PWR light are both green, but the wires that are PoE have no indicator lights lit up.

If anyone could give me some advise on what to do, update the firmware, check settings, anything.  But please treat me like a total beginner and start from the beginning.  I am not even sure how to get into the settings of the switch or find the IP address.  The IP address I have only sends me to the settings for my router.  Please help and thank you in advance.