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ICX 7150-C12 Failed to Ping

New Contributor II

Good day.

I have an ICX 7150-C12 that should be viewable in unleashed. Unleashed sees the switch enough to auto populate its info (MAC, IP, Model/Name), but is unable to complete the connection. It only shows failed to ping ICX [IP ADDRESS]. Suggest checking network.

I have reset the switch multiple times, upgraded the firmware, and tried everything I could find online before resetting once again. I am able to ping the IP through windows cmd.

Any help or guidance is appreciated. Thank you.


New Contributor

Hi Vasquez,


"I would like to know if you are Lennar home user , since some times the switch is running  routing  code (SPR08095d) (L3) and for this type of setups and configuration , it has some troubles for the connectivity for home users."


I am a lennar home user and i recently upgraded the switch to 9.0.10d. While observing the current version, I noticed it had the 'R' bin file for routing, which i thought was weird. From your comment it sounds like maybe this is incorrect and causes connectivity issues? Should i re-flash with the 'S' bin?

Hi @mollusk82 

Basically this would be like the terminology

SPR means Routing capabilities / SPS means Switching capabilities  

Correct  you should be running (SPS) instead of (SPR)  since you already have a router from your ISP and it does all the work at your home (routing/DCHP,NAT etc), you'll need to configure your network and the Switch to use SPR ( Code ) to match the router's configuration.

So it is easier for switches to run SPS as it already does all its work correctly without you having to configure.

Add a common setup for home users.


Lennar Wired.PNG

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez