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How to unlink 2 R310 HELP please

New Contributor

Hi all and happy new year. Best on this 2022.

I have 2 R310 connected on my same network (one as master, the other as slave). Is there anyway I can disassociate or un-link my slave from the master? I want them to work individually.  I want to be able to manage them apart from each other.

Any helps would be greatly appreciated.



Hello @margio_acevedo,

A very happy new year to you!!

If you want the AP's to work individually on the same local subnet/network, I suggest upgrading the AP's to the standalone version.

However, if you want the Unleashed firmware, then you need to reset the AP (member AP) and move it to another network/VLAN (no inter-VLAN routing between the 2 networks).

In case, you choose to switch to standalone firmware, below is the direct download link:-

AP Reset procedure:-

-- Use a paperclip, press and hold the reset pinhole at the back panel of the AP for about 30 - 40 secs.

Hope this answers your query.

Sarita Shekhar | Senior Technical Support Engineer,



Hi Sarita,

First of all sorry for my late response. I had some mails issues.

I am sorry but I have a 3 R510, would you be so kind to provide me direct link to download the Solo Version for these R510 Ruckus.

I appreciate your fast response.

Have a nice day!

Hello @margio_acevedo ,

Hope you doing good today!

Please find the direct link for the standalone firmware (latest version):-

You have a wonderful day ahead!

Sarita Shekhar | CCNA | CWNA
Senior Technical Support Engineer,

Hello @sarita_shekhar ,

Thank you much for your great support.

I have tried to download the firmware/link provided, but your website won't let me as it says "That file is only available to Premium Support users"

I am a regular/standard user not a premium, so how would I do in this case?

Thanks again!