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How to convert A Ruckus AP to Unleashed firmware


How to convert A Ruckus AP to Unleashed firmware

This can be helpful if you got a Replacement AP that came with the Default code Named Standalone, so you will not be able to just reconnect the AP due that it’s running a different firmware, so will not join to your current Unleashed system, an easy way to confirm this will be reconnecting the AP to the Switch, this will not appear on your Unleashed APP or Unleashed Dashboard.

1: Find the Access Point IP Address or internet address.

A: After connecting the AP to your Ruckus ICX7150 switch, this will get an IP address or internet address, that can be identified from your Windows computer by running the next command “arp -a” from CMD (command prompt) Application.

Windows start>type “CMD”> run the command “arp -a”>now you will be displayed with a list, made the match with the physical address printed in your new AP


Note: You can follow up the next Guide to identify the devices connected in your network(including the new Access Point).

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications


2: Obtain the correct unleashed image onto your PC for your AP model at




3: Open your web browser and insert The IP address of your Access Point

A: Log in using the next default credential username and password (super/sp-admin).

B:Follow up the next steps and browse for the Firmware you recently downloaded.

Maintenance>upgrade>local>browse>choose the file>performed.






4: The AP will load code and after rebooting, it should join automatically.