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How many IP addreses should i see on my network if i have 2 Ruckus devices

New Contributor

Hi There,

I have 2 physical Ruckus devices installed.  When i run an IP scan on my home network, it shows me 3 IP address.  Is this correct or is there any more information i can give to help answer the question.  Many thanks in advance 



Hi @Lepresean 

It is correct that you can see 3 IP addresses since one of them belongs to your Ruckus ICX150 switch and the other two are for each of the access points (device in the ceiling)

Kind regards,

Sofia Gätjens

Thanks for your reply.  Is it possible to determine which one is the switch as there is nothing in the name that would tell me ?.  Also, when i go into my Unleashed app (either the app or via the web browser), it says i have "0" switches ?.  Maybe the switch was never setup in the unleashed app ?.  Appreciate your help on this 

Hi @Lepresean 

You can search for that IP address in the URL bar of your Web browser:

If the IP leads you to the Unleashed GUI, it corresponds to your access points. However, if it directs you to the following, it corresponds to your switch ICX.


Concerning the switch tab in your Unleashed app/GUI, the switch isn't automatically added. You need to follow specific steps to include it there.

Please follow the below steps to get Switch in sync with Unleashed. We will delete the Switch from Unleased and Add it back.

Steps to synchronize the Switch (ICX-7150-C12P) to the unleashed Access Points:

Switch side:

Confirm that the switch is running FastIron firmware version 08.0.90 or later using the following command:
ICX7150-C12-Switch#show version

Make sure that the SSH server is enabled: 
1. device>enable
  device# configure terminal
  device# show ip ssh config

If it is disabled, please run the following command:

device(config)# crypto key generate
device(config)# write memory

Check again with the command " show ip ssh config"  to confirm that the SSH server was enabled correctly.

On the Unleashed dashboard:

1. Make sure the management approval is enabled.

2- Remove the existing Switch from the Unleashed (Please refer to the below picture):


3. Hit Add on that dashboard


4-Put the IP address of the ICX switch (ICX-7150-C12P) and Password

In your case, will be the one showing up on the Switch tap:

(you can also confirm the IP address from the switch's CLI with the following command:

Device#show ip address



5-Username and password for Switch authentication are the same as what you use to log in for Switch on Web or CLI (Putty).


To sync the data, it will take us a while, so after a couple of minutes, it should say connected.

Once the Switch gets synchronized, please check the dashboard again.

Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

 Kind regards, 

Sofia Gätjens

Hi Sofia, thanks so much and apologies for the delay in replying.  I managed to get the login screen of the switch, however i do not know the login.  Can you help me with reseting or something ?