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How can i get the Configure.Me to come up in my wifi connections so i can set up the unleashed?

New Contributor
I started the unleashed app process and had to stop half way thru and now the Configure.Me wifi network doesn't appear. I already contacted customer service a couple of times and watched the youtube videos and nobody can explain how to fix it. Help please

I changed provider and i can not see the in my wifi setting. What are the steps? 

Also do I need to have a router to connect my new providers modem to my ICX 7150-C12p? If i can connect what port do i connect the cable from modem?

Hi @armandotop1 


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Hope you are doing well!!!

As this case is raised by @alejandro_rial  which is very old now closed. I can see there is another post raised by you on the Lennar forum (please refer to the below link). Please follow the same post thread, I will assist you with the same.

Thank you again for understanding.


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Imran Sanadi

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New Contributor
Hello, I am having a similar issue. When I try and login to the default IP ( it says this "This object on the ICX7150-C12 Switch is protected."

New Contributor II
I am a new Lennar home owner. They forgot to add the Ruckus switch until today (6/3/20). I do not see the WLAN after they powered up the Ruckus 510 AP, even after several factory resets.

Contributor III
Hmmm, can you see your AP on the network side?