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How can i get the Configure.Me to come up in my wifi connections so i can set up the unleashed?

New Contributor
I started the unleashed app process and had to stop half way thru and now the Configure.Me wifi network doesn't appear. I already contacted customer service a couple of times and watched the youtube videos and nobody can explain how to fix it. Help please

New Contributor II
and of course, could it be worse?  Yes!   I have two of this things, I was thinking I would open the second one up and try, but I have no confidence in any of the hardware at all...From a systems engineering perspective, the whole set up critical path revolves around getting the Configure Me signal...galactic fail.  

New Contributor

hey everyone, i too have had a similar issue in that Configure.Me-xxxxxx does not come up on my networks. i'm a beginner, but just opted to not use the in home system. 

It seems like i need to hard reset everything, and start from scratch to get this going again

i called ruckus, and once i mentioned lennar, it seems like i was put on a spam caller list, and never got anyone on the phone. 

any guidance on resetting things?


New Contributor II

I read this thread on my journey to resolve a similar problem. This was my solution. Maybe you can find someting usefull: