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How can I get a are replacement r320, it has a bad transmitter. very weak an intermittent.

New Contributor

I have already flashed the firmware and select non overlapping channels and still just drops and weak even under the AP.  Checking the AP Client My PC and phone under clients show 5G poor.  They work for a short bit and drop to 2.4.  All show weak.  



Hi @laricher 

We need to check more in deep why both signal are poor, normally should be caused by interference, so lets check.


1:If you have more than one access point, ensure if both have the same issue or all of them?

2:Ensure you are running the latest code for the Unleashed system, following the next guide.

Online Upgrade

3:Check the status of the Switch, please share if you are running from the routing image or the Switching image.

Tap>Switches>check if the name is Switch or router.


4:Check that the speed for the Access points interfaces is 1000mbps.

Check cabling:

Access Points>choose the AP>Show AP Info>scroll>under Physical address must be on 1000Mbps if the speed is in less than 1000Mbps, you have cabling issues.

5:Gather the logs for all the Access Points.

Access point>choose each AP one by one>Show AP Info>Save Logs


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández.

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired | Lennar Home Community Moderator


New upgrade Version for AP R320:

Switch: CX7150-C12-S..[d4:c1:9e:87:30:0a]4

Port1 eth0 Up Up 1000Mbps full 10/100/1000 PoE Port1

I find this unusual under events have seen this after multiple reboots. Not sure where this coming from.: 2023/01/23 12:35:17
A new Same-Network Rogue[88:de:a9:3a:7a:bb] with SSID[] is first detected by AP[8c:7a:15:23:35:30]. I have no other access points on my network. I live in a 55 and older gated community. looks like the vender is Roku - I much made sure all the wireless ip rokus didn't list the specific mac. Possibly, one of the wired mac on the tvs may be broadcasting somehow be transmitting it's mac. None of the TVs are wired and I check all attached roku devices. I am at a loss on this one. Anyway, have done everything you asked.   I don't see an option to attach the log files I dumped.  


New Contributor

Ok, I did everything you wanted, can you send me a replacement AP.  Not sure what else you want me to do.   I live a 55 an old community and happen to be a retire IT person.   It's hard to believe you are having people do this level of troubleshooting.  And we are having a huge delay with having someone work with us in a forum.  This terrible.  The is a opening message that tells us not to get upset...boy that's a red flag.  I am trying not to shoot the messenger, but this unacceptable how Lenner home owners  have been dumped off like this with no real customer support.  As soon as we make contact with Ruckus, the dump us to this forum.  I have never dealt with anything like this before! Terrible