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Home (SOHO) installation guide/recommendation

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I've been looking for a Wifi setup to replace my Apple Airport Extreme in my home. After doing some research I've come across various manufacturers including Ruckus. Additionally, I had the opportunity to view a set of newly built Lennar homes with a Wifi system built by Ruckus & I also noticed a few links in the Ruckus website touting this new venture. I know Ruckus is primarily targets the enterprise markets but I am interested in pursuing a Ruckus platform for my home. I believe the setup used on the Lennar homes included a couple of R510 Unleashed access points and a ICX7150 compact switch. I only have a couple of questions:

1) Does Ruckus have any literature or guides for developing a small system for a home?
2) Does Ruckus offer a simulated heat map tool for the home owner (1 time use) so I can determine placement and coverage for a given Ruckus access point. I know Ruckus offers ZonePlanner for $495(retail) for enterprise efforts. I'd really like to perform a heat map analysis with my floor plan to see which access point(s) and location(s) are best in my home.



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I'd recommend using Ruckus Unleashed to manage your APs.

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Hi Joseph,

  For a home environment, I'd recommend our Unleashed flavor of Access Point software on the R510s,
which incorporate the power of a ZoneDirector into the elected Master AP, with the ability to mesh to other
APs that might be out of network cable range.  Read into the latest (free upgrade) 200.7 User Guide here:

   There are other Freeware wifi spectrum analysis tools for Windows or Smartphones. Even just measure
your RSSI on the home WLAN around your entire property, and running a in the furthest spots.

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Thanks for the reply and link -- I have done a complete home survey (passive & active) for my home using my existing Airport Extreme as my wifi access point for a couple of my own clients (laptops, Ipads etc) and have noted wifi strengths, SNR, & IPERF3 numbers for all my rooms. I just need that final step in determining how R510 fits -- Do I need one or two and where do I put them, so I can install my CAT6 cables appropriately..