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unleashed r710 firmware problems - don't buy this product

New Contributor II
my network engineer and I spent over 20 hours with their support and engineering to determine why password protected throughput was a fraction of the open net perf.  finally found the solution:  roll back the firmware!   so we spent all this time confirming their firmware is buggy and not adequately QC'd.  When I asked what consideration they might provide for the enormous inconvenience and net security risks we endured over two months of online support sessions, I got "sorry", then crickets.   Never had such a bad experience with what appears to be a respectable company.  

Contributor III
Hi Bruce,

please check out this discussion thread.

from my tests.... throughput suffers most with 200.7.x

seems to impact iOS devices a lot. 
Going back to 200.6.x firmware it improves

rolling back to 200.4.x firmware gives you the best performance.

IT has impacted a lot of new Lennar Smart home owners that have r510s.  Lot of the new owners so far I noticed sold their r510 cheap for around $110-$130 on ebay

Ruckus has only started investigating the issue. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

yes.  ticket closed.  problem solved by firmware downgrade.  they made my team suffer through countless hours of testing that should have done prior to release.  really bad quality management and customer service

You should consider reopening your ticket since that doesn’t really solve the problem for future unleashed firmware when the development team doesn’t know about it. 
Since you have an active support contract you should have michael_brado escalate your ticket so the bug can be properly reported to the development engineers so it can be fixed in future unleashed revisions.

It just really bad that they closed the ticket.