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Pay for USB C to UART Driver?

New Contributor III
So I'm trying to troubleshoot my less than one year old Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P and R510 APs.

The APs POE is failing, but the switch stays up.

Ok cool no problem, I'll just update the ICX firmware... NOPE

Can't even download the USB C to UART driver because I need premium support?

This thing was installed by Amazon Tech Services as part of our Lennar home purchase.

This really blows.

Contributor III
Honestly, I just use a console cable on those anyway.  It is directly in the front.  If you want to upgrade the firmware, I would go with 08.0.80ca.

You will want to make sure lldp run is set, and regular, "inline-power" too though that is already defaulted to on from 08.0.70 and later branches of code.  You generally want to remove the power-by-class settings etc. and let the switch negotiate with the AP.

New Contributor III
So I called Ruckus and they were extremely helpful, and added me to Lennar's premium support contract! 

Top notch customer service...