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Force Device to Access a Certain Access Point?

New Contributor II
My home came with 2 Ruckus r510 Unleashed Mesh Network installed by the builder (Lennar). I'm noticing my computer even though upstairs keeps connecting to the downstairs access point and thus getting slower speeds. I also noticed that my Galaxy S8 Phone when going around the house will not auto-switch to the closer one without me turning wifi off and then on again.

I have access to the mobile APP and webUI but the settings are a bit overwhelming for what i'm used to.

Can you please advise if there is a settings I have to adjust for this? Both are running the newest firmware.

Thanks for your help.


New Contributor II
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Esteemed Contributor II
This doesn't sound right / make sense to me...  Do you have access to your Unleashed network?Do you have just one SSID/WLAN defined for all your home devices?  If you have adequate coverage,your devices should "seamlessly" roam between APs when you walk there with your phone.  You mayget lower throughput if your desktop PC switches from close to farther away AP, but it shouldn't makethat change if it's not moving around.  Do you have any laptops or another friend's phone, beside thetwo devices you mention, and do those have similar issues?

New Contributor II
I can access the unleashed network settings via the web or via the phone APP. We have one SSID/WLAN but i kept the built in ATT router Wifi enabled for now since i get better speeds connecting to that then the Ruckus.

I'll have to test it on my Wife's iPhone later. I think the access points are pretty close together so it's not auto switching. These were supposed to be scientifically placed in specific areas of the home by the builder so i'm not sure.

Should I call for remote support to check it out?