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Firmware upgrade help!

New Contributor

Earlier this week, Ruckus had an update for their mobile app come through. I updated my mobile app. I checked my Unleashed app to make sure my network was good. I got a notice to upgrade our APs (model r510) to the newest firmware (version 200.13). I did that. Immediately we noticed the internet connection has become more inconsistent. Examples - webpages on computers and phones taking way longer to load, apps not working smoothly, etc. I did re-boots and restarts to both of our Ruckus access points. No success. I switched to our AT&T wifi coming straight from the AT&T router, it works smoothly and have none of the above issues. When I am on my Ruckus Unleashed dashboard, I am getting notice for a "pending" notice for a Router (ICX7150-C12 Router) and it is asking for another login for a "Switch" username and password 

What can I do to help resolve this issue? We are a Lennar home, have 2 Ruckus access points, and have had no issues up until now. 

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Hope you are doing well

Since the issue started after upgrading the units to 200.13, you can try to roll back to the software you were using or any before 200.13. 

Download the following software

And use the local option to upload it to your APs

If the issue persists, check if the ruckus box is using the routing code instead of switching code