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Creating a New Wireless WLAN (SSID)


1 ) Please go to: or use the IP address of the Master Access Point

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications

Note: In the below example I am using the IP address '' to go to the admin dashboard 



2 ) Use the management credentials.


3 ) Go to Wi-Fi networks





4 ) Click Create ( In this example we are going to use 'Standar-Open-WPA2' )


5 ) Enter a Name for this wireless network.

save 2.PNG


Select the options that you want use for this new SSID :

Standard ( suggested ) : Use this WLAN type for most regular wireless network usage.

Guest : Use this WLAN type for a guest WLAN. Guest access policies and access controls will be applied. For more information, see Guest WLANs.

Hotspot: Use this WLAN type for a Hotspot (aka, WISPr) WLAN. To deploy a Hotspot WLAN, you must first configure a Hotspot Service. For more information, see Hotspot Services.

Authentication Method

Open (suggested ) : No authentication method is used. "Open" authentication allows the use of WPA2, WPA3, WPA2/WPA3-Mixed, OWE, or no encryption. Open authentication + WPA2 encryption (also known as WPA-PSK) is the most common type of WLAN encryption method and should be the default configuration if there are no special requirements for authentication or encryption.

802.1X EAP: Authentication against either the internal database or an external RADIUS server. The 802.1X EAP authentication method (also known as "WPA2-Enterprise") provides effective authentication regardless of the encryption method, and requires a back-end (RADIUS) authentication server. WPA2-Enterprise provides secure connectivity by ensuring that every device must authenticate to an authentication server before it is allowed access to network resources. Authentication can be based on digital certificates, and granular policies can be designed to govern the level of access and to provide visibility and control over devices on the network.

MAC Address: Authentication using the client's MAC address against an external RADIUS server or internal database.

 Encryption Method

  • WPA2: Encrypt traffic using the WPA2 standard. The WPA2 encryption method complies with the 802.11i security standard. Announced in 2004, WPA2 encryption remains mandatory for all new products that bear the Wi-Fi trademark.
  • WPA3: WPA3 standard replaces WPA2 with several security enhancements.
  • WPA2/WPA3-Mixed: Allows mixed networks of WPA2- and WPA3-compliant devices.
  • OWE: (Opportunistic Wireless Encryption) provides encrypted communications for open networks.
  • None: No encryption; communications are sent in clear text.

7 ) Create a Password


8 ) Click in the ‘Show Advanced Options


9 ) Go to Radio Control options 



10 ) Select the option that says 5 GHz Only or 2.4 GHz Only to work just in that radio. ( step optional )



11 ) Then, After that Check new SSID Wi-Fi name in your dashboard.


12 ) Wait until it appears in the Wi-Fi settings on your device and connect the devices to it ' RUCKUS-EMPLOYEE' .