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Cannot log in to Switch to Fix Routin code issues on Lennar Home

New Contributor

I recently had a power outage and now my Switch is in Router mode. I followed the instructions at the below site and I was able to get the IP Address of my Switch (Router) but none of the login combinations work. Any idea of an alternative?


New Contributor

Refer to my post (ID= Rock1) from today (06-Jul-2023). If you know the IP address of the device and use telnet, then you might have similar success in getting the device to revert to Switch mode.

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Please try the most common username and passwords ( This is key sensitive so please include capital letters )  

Username:admin password: Ruckus! 

Username:admin password: Ruckus1

Username:admin password: Lennar

Username:super password: sp-admin


Admin usernames and passwords for the Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points/Switch for Lennar home users


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Lennar Home Community

None of those passwords work.  I am trying to SSH (using a mac) into the switch.  I get prompted with the message password.  I tried EVERY password you all suggested and it doesn't work.  How I am able to resolve this issue that it seems like alot of people are having??

New Contributor

I think with Telnet, it doenst ask for a password.  I only have a mac so im forced to use SSH; however, it asks for a password so now im stuck.