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Cannot Access Ruckus Unleashed Dashboard after changing modem/router

New Contributor II
After changing my modem/router, I am no longer able to connect to the Ruckus Unleashed Dashboard (

My wireless APs are still working though - most of my wireless devices were able to connect and obtain internet access.

Would love some guidance on how to regain access to the unleashed dashboard - I read I could try connecting directly to an AP's IP address via a web browser, although I tried connecting to a number of different IP addresses I can find associated with my new router and was unsuccessful.

My current setup is:
modem/router > ICX 7150-CP12 Switch > two R510 APs

I am calling in from a Lennar home. 

New Contributor III

Hey Steven,

Do you have the mobile App loaded on your smartphone? That is one way to get into your Unleashed GUI. The other way is to scan your network to get the IP address of your R510s. 

In either Apple Mac or Windows 10 you can use the following command at the command prompt:

arp -a

This will produce a list of all of the devices on my home's network and their corresponding MAC addresses. Just run down the list with your Mac or Windows browser substituting the IP addresses that you found with the "arp -a" command and you will get the Unleashed login screen when you hit the proper IP address.

https://IP Address

Image_ images_messages_5f91c450135b77e247a1c69c_ff3b62bbab18a6cc84663aa3d45f605b_RackMultipart2020050577119d5pw-c856a570-b0fa-4107-9ef3-a213a5d92d4f-610735409.jpg1588715172

New Contributor II
Hi Dan,

I do have the mobile app - still unable to connect to the Unleashed Dashboard.

I also tried 'arp -a' with Mac's terminal, and tried all the IP addresses provided (https://IP ADDRESS) - but also was not able to connect to the Unleashed Dashboard. The only IP address that worked was the one that gets me into my router ( NOT the Unleashed Dashboard.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c450135b77e247a1c89b_65da9d8472a7e22d56b72db4d921b9d7_RackMultipart202005058253619ey-bb9b061c-b337-4d72-8ade-d1df1d962f0d-1074253266.png1588717278

New Contributor III
Your Mac is connected via Wi-Fi and not wired with an Ethernet cable correct? I ask because none of those MAC addresses are registered to Ruckus. If you do have an Ethernet cable plugged into your Mac just unplug it so that you are for sure going out via your Wi-Fi adapter. 

New Contributor II
correct - my Mac is connected via Wi-Fi, to the Unleashed Wi-Fi network I set up with my previous modem/router (Xfinity gateway)

I've also tried connecting my desktop PC via ethernet cable to the ICX 7150-C12 switch, and tried to load via a web browser - also didn't work