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Amber/Orange light on "SYST" & Green light on "PWR" & NO lights on APs after a power outage

New Contributor

Hi, My switch is ICX 7150-C12P. After power outage, It is showing Amber/Orange light on "SYST" and Green light on "PWR" & NO lights on APs. I have tried to reset, while powering on. It keep stuck at booting with orange lights flashing, I searched forum and  tried to perform the software recovery using windows laptop. I am stuck at connectivity with switch shows "not live". Not sure what to do. I really appreciate if you can help me fix the issue or approve RMA.




Hi @Nishanthm 

You can verify by checking the lights on the APs. If you're able to connect to the Unleashed network without any issues and access the internet, then everything should be fine.