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Ruckus Cloud Outage - Network Down - APs and Licenses got deleted

New Contributor II
Received alerts this morning at 4am PST all our licenses expired.  Checked online and all our APs got deleted.

Got on the phone with Ruckus and they say its a known outage.

Anyone else still down at this moment?

All our APs got wiped from our cloud portal, end users no longer seeing our SSID brodcast.. we are completely down on wifi

edit: we are in Los Angeles

New Contributor III
Any news from folks in Florida and Los Angeles? Is anyone somewhere else in the world still having trouble with Ruckus Cloud?

Has anyone managed to implement any bypass solution to reactivate the network?

New Contributor
It seems we are up and running in Florida.  Not sure about the rest of the World.

New Contributor II
Only 4 of our APs came back online. The remaining 9 are still offline. It says 'never contacted cloud'

We have a total of 3 venues, so only 1 venue is up, but only 30%. not even fully. The other two sites are down, completely

How many APs do you guys have? Phone support is saying they are combing per accounts to manually add and delete APs, per account. There's no blanket fix I don't think

Still down in Los Angeles

We have 1 venue and 38 APs still offline. We have tried to enter the APs manually, but have received the message that the AP serial number already exists.

The Ruckus Support message remains the same. They hope to resolve in the next few hours and ask for patience.

Still down in Sao Paulo.

Just updating this thread. As of 7 hours back, APs were back online.