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mirror port ICX7650

New Contributor

Hi Pack,

I need to monitor 4 servers and 2 firewall/routers, what makes 8 seperate ports (SFP+, 10G each) for the server hosts and 2 LACP with 2x 10G SFP+ per LACP for the firewalls > so I need to monitor 12x 10G ports. These 12 ports are divided over 2x ICX 7650-48F switches that make 1 stack.

I'm unable to make this work because I think I can only use 8 egress ports for all members in the stack? Port Mirroring and Monitoring Configuration (,

I see 20x egress monitored port but in the note I read 8. When I try to add a 9th port I get an error. I also tried to work with 2 different mirror ports (1 on each unit of the stack, because 2 on the same stack is not supported), but the limit of 8 ports is for both added. So I'm still unable to monitor more then 8 ports, the switch counts all ports together even when divided over 2 mirror ports).

Before we used the new Ruckus ICX7650 stack, the core switch was a HPE 5700 stack and I was able to make 2 mirrors with all these ports.

Anyone any idea how I can fix this?





RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Van_roy_automa

Thank you for reaching out to us here. 

Are you encountering below error when you try adding 9th port with option "both"

ICX7650-48F Router(config-if-e10000-1/1/39)#monitor e 1/1/40 both
Error - Tx Monitor port table is full.
ICX7650-48F Router(config-if-e10000-1/1/39)#exit
ICX7650-48F Router(config)#mirror-port e 1/1/30
Error - Inbound mirror port 1/1/40 is already active on this region.
Error - Outbound mirror port 1/1/40 is already active on this region.

From what I see with Lab device i suppose you are hitting a limitation

For option "egress" and "both" for monitoring port maximum i see that we can enter 8 ports 

7650 Switch can only have one port region hence you will only be able to configure 1 mirror port in the switch


For "Ingress" only we can add any number of ports for monitoring I don't see a limitation .

I hope this information helps. Please feel free to post if any concerns.


New Contributor II

Hi Chandini,

That's what I found out as well: I can use 8 egress monitor ports.

But in the documentation from Ruckus (Port Mirroring and Monitoring Configuration ( there is also a line: 

Egress monitored ports20

What does this mean then?


kind regards,


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Lienmonden 

Thank you for reverting back to us . 

I suppose below is the concern you have with regard to egress port . 


I did run a Lab test and could max configure 8 egress ports for monitoring but ingress I can configure any number . So you are right max for egress we are able to configure 8 ports only. 

The number 20 mentioned document I can check internally and update for you. But will need some time. 

Thanks for pointing that out. Please feel free to post if any concerns.