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inherited icx-7150 and two access points in new house (lennar). Need access to switch

New Contributor

So in my previous house I had a UDM Pro and two unifi access points. I was stoked to find out that there was this switch and two access points from ruckus in the house. However, I cannot login to the switch since it does not contain any of the default passwords.

I still am using my UDM Pro as the router, with the new ruckus switch connected to it. So here are some questions.

1. What do i need to do to
    - Gain access to ruckus web ui
    - Get ssh access, same login and pw?
2. I cannot see devices connecting to the access points from the unifi controller, so i really need to login to the switch and access points to look at the port profiles configured. Everything is on the same subnet as the udm pro. No seperate vlans right now to my knowledge.

3. Between the ruckus switch, and two ruckus APs. There must be no routing other than using the modem for the previous owner right?

4. I have been experiencing frequent disconnects like every 10 min or so, another reason why i need to gain access.