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how to specify a subnet of multiple subnet on same int ve to relay dhcp packet at ICX?

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Hi Friends.

It assume it configured multiple subnet on a interfce ve 100 and needs dhcp relay at the int ve 100.

Ex. int ve 100, ip add, ip add ip add

As a rsult of my test, relay agent ip(GIADDRESS) in dhcp packet is, the lowest IP address.

At cisco, it has primary ip, his ip address is relay agent ip(GIADDRESS).

But ruckus icx has no primary ip address.

How do I specify or as relay agent ip(GIADDRESS)?

Or not?




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Jeronimi

Thank you for reaching us

Based on the requirement mentioned could you please let me know if you are assigning multiple IP with different subnet to same vlan and then looking for setting DHCP helper address to accordingly assign IP to the end device ?

I would suggest creating vlan and assigning a separate IP address to that vlan instead of clubbing and supernetting all together.

Below is the link that will help you configure IP helper-address

Please feel free to post if any concerns.







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Hi Chandini.

Thanks for reply.

Ok, I also knew how to set ip help-address and supernetting.

However, some customers want to set up several different IP subnets on one interface.

In this case, if Cisco sets ip add, ip add secondary secondary, the relay IP address (giaddress) in the dhcp-request packet is sent to because the primary IP address is specified as

However, since the secondary IP cannot be specified in Ruckus ICX, the relay IP (giaddress) is sent to the lowest IP address on a interface.

For example, if it is set as, "" is the relay IP (giaddress).

This will not give the customer the desired result.

If it were Cisco, the above case could be set to, sec, sec, and the relay ip address would be

Do you understand this situation? 


I want to know if there is a way to make a relay ip address in the above example in ICX.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Jeromico

Ack and Thanks for reaching us

  • Is your DHCP server IP address ? If not what is the IP address of the DHCP server ?



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Hi Chandini.

I assumed a topology like below.



On above, ICX send dhcp paket with lower ip address as relay agent ip.

Do you understand it?