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failed to connect ICX 7150 to SZ

New Contributor III
i have installed an ICX7150-C12-2X1G POE 12-port - Version:10.1.15T225
and i am trying to connect it to my Smartzone vSZ-H -

i have followed the guide and configure the switch with the "sz Active-list command
and i have verified there is connectivity between both devices on all ports, but this doesnt seem to work for me

SSH@GroupA#show sz status

============    SZ Agent State Info     ===================
Config Status: None     Operation Status: Enabled
State: SZ QUERY             Prev State: INIT                 Event: SZ QUERY RESPONSE

SWR List            : None
Active List         :
DHCP Option 43      : No
DHCP Opt 43 List    : None
Passive List        : None
Merged List         :
Merged Idx: 0    IP :
Switch registrar host:
Switch registrar discovery retry count: 7
Switch registrar host resolve failure count: 7

SZ IP Used          :
SZ Query Status     :
        In Progress. Response Not Received.

sz logs
Jan  1 19:48:35:https_connmgr_send_request>Entered.
Jan  1 19:48:35:sz_execute_state_machine>Exit with state/event: SZ QUERY/5, TIMER/2002 RC: 1
Jan  1 19:48:35:sz_execute_state_machine>Entering with state/event: SZ QUERY/5, SZ QUERY RESPONSE/2007
Jan  1 19:48:35:sz_parse_sz_query_response -- Status: 600 <<
Jan  1 19:48:35:sz_fsm_sz_query_state>Moving to IP: because of retry count: 36
Jan  1 19:48:35:sz_execute_state_machine>Exit with state/event: SZ QUERY/5, SZ QUERY RESPONSE/2007 RC: 1
Jan  1 19:48:35:HTTP Request Error:Http remote connection close called.

any ideas? thanks.


You may create a switch registration rule  and move the switch to non default group first and try joining. Also have clock or ntp set on ICX.

configured switch registration rule  and time  , still fail to connect.

Contributor II
Check the SZ, the switch is probably in the Default switch group, it will fully connect once you have moved it to the group you created.

it is not added to the SZ,
the state stuck on SZ Query and it appears to fail to get a response,
so its not added 😕

Your switch should be running the latest version 8.0.90 software and it should have been upgraded using the UFI image (see the 8.0.90 release notes for details).