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VSRP, anyone used it ??

New Contributor III
Hi eveyone,
did anyone configured VSRP protocol on ICX ??

I'm using VRRP quite often, but it isn't supported on ICX 7150 without a license, and there is a similar Ruckus proprietary protocol which can provide redudancy on L2 and L3.
I want to use ICX for routing between VLANs and I need L3 redudancy...

I just need first hand experience on VSRP if any has any. Can VSRP do what VRRP can?

Thanks 😉

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Vmiro,
Happy Holidays!

Please check config guide for Layer 2 and 3 at following Link:

From this guide:

VSRP overview

Virtual Switch Redundancy Protocol (VSRP) is a Ruckus proprietary protocol that provides redundancy and sub-second failover in

Layer 2 and Layer 3 mesh topologies. Based on the Ruckus Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Extended (VRRP-E), VSRP

provides one or more backups for a device. If the active device becomes unavailable, one of the backups takes over as the active

device and continues forwarding traffic for the network.

Ruckus switches support full VSRP as well as VSRP-awareness . A Ruckus device that is not itself configured for VSRP but is

connected to a Ruckus device that is configured for VSRP, is considered to be VSRP aware.

You can use VSRP for Layer 2, Layer 3, or for both layers. On Layer 3 devices, Layer 2 and Layer 3 share the same VSRP

configuration information.

Hope this helps.