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The RUCKUS ICX® Campus Switch family delivers a complete, scalable, and high-performance routing and switching solution that supports today’s demanding network applications.
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ICX 7150 internet very slow and sluggish after power outage

I have already upgraded software (primary, secondary, POE all) on ICX7150 to latest version using CLI and usb-stick.I have also upgraded 2 access points SW to latest.I have ensured that ICX booted software is from SPS switching code.Even after all of...

dhaval by New Contributor
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ICX Switches software release versions

Hello everyone,I'm evaluating the software releases that are running on our ICX switches and trying to determine the date they were released and the version number and date of the most recent release of software for each.  Below is a list of ICX swit...

davefrag by New Contributor
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Resolved! Switch not working

Switch is red and pending on the app. Any help is greatly appreciated.       

IMG_3642.png IMG_3641.png
LetsGetIt by New Contributor III
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ICX7150 no power at all after power outage

My icx 7150-c12p does not show any lights in status bar, no ports have lights after connecting on outlet. While connecting the outlet once the yellow amber lights are blinking but after that like dead. have tried other power outlets and power cable u...

Nckharel by New Contributor
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My ICX7150-C12P no powering up at all

My icx 7150-c12p does not show any lights in status bar, no ports have lights, have tried other power outlets. unit is not getting power, power supply is bad??? Any kind of suggestions are appropriated.respectfully submitted Thank you

Nckharel by New Contributor
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