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Unable to SSH with RADIUS to ICX after update

New Contributor III

Hi, I recently upgraded several ICX 8200s to 1010c-cd1, which went smoothly except for one switch. This happens to be the only switch with a layer 3 license on it. I can no longer SSH to it using my RADIUS credentials, but I can SSH using the local credentials. The error it gives me is my credentials are wrong, check the username and password, but I am 100% certain these creds are correct.
I tried putty & SecureCRT and reloaded, double checked the config to see if there were any changes made to the RADIUS configuration, and I can't find anything. It also appears that dot1x sessions using RADIUS are working.

I changed this command, where I swapped radius and local so local was first, but that didn't help:

<aaa authentication login default radius local> to <aaa authentication login default local radius>

I also removed the command <aaa authentication enable default local radius> because neither local nor RADIUS would work for the enable login (removed this by accessing the SZ CLI). 

I can still manage it from SZ and through local creds so this isn't urgent, but I was curious if anyone else has run into this and had found a solution I'm not seeing yet.


New Contributor III

Found the solution for my situation anyway, not sure why but before the upgrade this switch didn't need a static route configured, but after configuring one radius started working again. Before it was using OSPF, so there may be an error on our end for OSPF configuration. 

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