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The switch is rebooted Brocade ICX 7250-24P

New Contributor II

Good day! I'm new to this, but I got this toy from a former employee))) I tuned it up, but the next day it just simply rebooted to the factory settings and that's it! I can only enter it through boot, and if I reboot, then on the command line it simply does not respond! If someone came across this, then help!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi  user_f5723a

It will be better if you open a ticket with us using link:

Also from boot monitor please try to reset to default factory settings, it might stop the repeated crash, maybe due to something in the config:

-Boot> "use default-configuration"



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RUCKUS Team Member
Hi user_f5723a,
Hope you are doing great!!!
Can you please paste the prompt you see on the console.
If you factory defaulted then it should have no configuration.
I am not sure if you boot into monitor mode or in console.

If you factory defaulted and you see CLI prompt then you need to re configure it.

But if you are in boot monitor then you need to load software code and boot monitor.

Here is link to emergency download if need be:

Hope this helps.



Image_ images_messages_60d2c68c639c206bdef7854d_dbaca1996b155418965188d20f96a3d1__viber_20210623_081353-a6219927-1393-418b-8ef1-d595235f0dc1-586981932.jpg
Image_ images_messages_60d2c68c639c206bdef7854d_c2dc85da3feb6dcab059b73cfcef5c8d__viber_20210623_081352-d39ebcbf-b03b-4a40-ad1e-3b853aca399f-587905453.jpg
Image_ images_messages_60d2c68c639c206bdef7854d_f9e06717cb828d459bbca88e4d816a1f__viber_20210623_081342-92701df0-4dd3-4944-8a7b-241051a32188-616534604.jpg
Image_ images_messages_60d2c68c639c206bdef7854d_4f10c00b0303d0222b4aa6f818666c92__viber_20210623_081343-f0e84715-1eea-44f1-a612-2b548a061618-615611083.jpg

Good day hashim bharoocha! I sent you a photo of what I described, look, if you can, help me, why am I doing wrong! ( When you press enter, it does not display itself! (I don’t know what to do anymore! thanks in advance!

RUCKUS Team Member

Hello user_f5723a,

It seems the switch is booting up and coredumping, Is it still stuck at bootprompt as shown in the first image ? 

Here is a short video on recovering from boot prompt if that is the case.

Also, Pls open a tac case and upload the core files for analysis.



good evening jijo panangat, cant get it back to work! ((((if anyone has any other options I would try them! Thanks in advance!