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Take Backup and restore onto another ICX7250

New Contributor

On the Web Interface of the ICX7250 The Last Tabs have
TFTP Configuration
TFTP Image
Can I Perform a Backup of these for one Switch and Restore to another?
If so would I need to Specify an exact Filename or would a restore Place the File in the Correct Place with the name needed by the System – If the File name was something I understand rather than the Actual Name of what I am backing up. For example if I name the Backups M9config and M9Image Can I simply copy from Server using the same name?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Richl

I Suppose you should be able to upload the config using option "Copy from server to flash ". But make sure the copy of config is downloaded from Web UI using option " Save from flash to server " . And also validate if it is the same running config on the switch once the file is downloaded. 


Above is a pic from the link mentioned in previous post. Also make sure Model and Firmware of the switch needs to match when you upload.  I hope this helps. Thanks