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TDR is not applicable to this port

New Contributor III

Hi -

I'm trying to use the cable diagnostics but running into the error:

TDR is not applicable to this port!


The commands I've tried are "phy cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/24" (for eth int 1/1/24)

and "show cable-diagnostics tdr 1/1/24" but no luck.


Does TDR have to be enabled on the switch / port before you can use it?




Hey Tommy
Most welcome.  Like I pointed out there is a defect to be fixed by end of January in 8030t code and you are using code with defect.  

From Support Matrix:

            ICX 7150     ICX7250   ICX7450   ICX 7650   ICX 7750

Good to know.  What about 08.0.80 code builds?

I can completely see from above it isn't supposed to work on my 6610-24F units (even with the copper TX SFP), and that we are also running code with a defect on all our 6450's and 6450's, but what about all the 7150's and the 7450's?

We have been running 08.0.80ca on those and this doesn't work either.  I guess I can see this not working on our 7450-48F units because that is probably like the 6610-24F besides we have all optical SFPs and SFP+s in them, but what about our 7150-48P units?  Each one has 48 copper ports set to auto/auto for speed & duplex.

I searched the release notes for 08080d and see no reference to FI-190238

RUCKUS Team Member
Hey NETWizz,

As per my previous comment Not Supported on Code:

VCT Definition Link:

Virtual cable testing (VCT)  (Same as TDR) 

Most FastIron devices support Virtual Cable Test (VCT) technology. VCT technology enables the diagnosis of a conductor (wire or cable) by sending a pulsed signal into the conductor, then examining the reflection of that pulse. This method of cable analysis is referred to as Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). By examining the reflection, the Brocade device can detect and report cable statistics such as local and remote link pair, cable length, and link status.

            ICX 7150     ICX7250   ICX7450   ICX 7650   ICX 7750

Hope this helps.


New Contributor

run this command first to generate the data then do the show command