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09.0.10h Web GUI

New Contributor

Hi Guys, 


I have a stack of icx7150s running 09.0.10h and the customer wants to use the webGUI, but it gets an error "connectionIssue" I have enabled HTTPS and HTTP

is it a firmware issue??


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi caliparcerito,

Is SSH enabled on the switch (check using "show ip ssh config") ? If not, please follow below link and enable it and then check for the GUI access:


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi caliparcerito, 

on the 9010h and onwards there was a feature released : where when the switches on 9010h and upwards are connected to SZ vSZ or Ruckus One, the units are not accessible via the Web GUI. 
And when attempting to connect on the same : you would likely get the error : Server Error : Will be fixed in a few minutes or you would face Connection Issues to the GUI 

Refer here for more details :
Release notes 9010h 

Let me know if the same helps !