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Switch Replacement / Spare

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I am looking for replacements (really spares), for a couple network switches I have. My current setup is running 2 Brocade FCX648S-HPOE stacked by DAC cables (in the rear) with a 16GbE connection. I have been browsing the the ICX lineup for a switch similar to what I currently have, but it seems that is not one quite like I need.

I need: 48 1G POE copper ports, 4 SFP 10G ports to trunk other switches, and 2 dedicated stacking ports. The ICX 7450-48 closely resembles this, but I am not sure if that would work. If there any Brocade switches, that aren't EOL, those suggestions are welcomed as well. Thanks.




Hey @kransom 

The FCX is a couple generations old at this point (great switch!!!) and our offerings have changed a bit. Here are the current models I would suggest you look at (assuming you need POE):

7150-48ZP (this is the only 7150 model with 8x10Gb rather than 4x10Gb)
7450-48P (modular; you could do 2x40Gb stacking and 4x10Gb module for uplinks)
7550-48P (2x40Gb stacking; add 4x10Gb module for uplinks)

These would be equal or greater in terms of what you need. The ICX8200 is our newest addition to the product line and you could look at this if you would be willing to do 2x uplink and 2x stacking links. Hope that helps!

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Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer