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New Contributor III

Hello, we have several Ruckus ICX7150 with SPS08095f.bin version of firmware

Also I have implemented MSTP because I have a lot of vlans and I would like to enable on ports BPDU-Guard and not sure how I can enable It, I mean what is the command? 

With per-RSTP you need to enter "stp-bpgu-guard", but which command is in case of MSTP?

Also I have Ruckus ICX 7450 as a core switch and I would like to set "enable" password, but there is no "enable super-user-password " command... How I can set enable password?



Hey @irakli_gvishian 

The bpdu guard command should be the same. As for your core, is it on a different code level (show version) by chance? There are a lot of syntax changes in FastIron 9+. If you are on 9+, that command is deprecated and you now need to do an authentication method list on 'enable' instead and then auth via local account, radius, etc. It would be something like this:

SSH@7150(config)#aaa authentication enable default local


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor III

@BenBeck thanks for your reply,

Code version of core is SPR09010f.bin

Issue with "enable" is with core. I have enable Tacacs+ authentication and authorization for different levels of access and if enter "aaa authentication enable default local" in case of Tacacs+ how do I need to configure "enable"?

In olde versions of code I just enter "aaa authentication login privilege-mode" command and when users logged to the switch they don't need to enter "enable" password. 

Hey @irakli_gvishian 

This command was initially deprecated with 9.0, but after some feedback from the field, we have decided to bring it back. That work is in progress now and the command should be back in 9010h and 10010b (patch level subject to change). Hope that helps!


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer